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Homeprotect - Fantastic Flood RE Offer

Dear Partners,

HomeProtect have launched a fantastic new offer in line with Flood RE!

"Switch to a HomeProtect Flood Re policy and you could save hundreds! Plus, we’ll reimburse your cancellation fee up to £100."

This offer is valid from today until 19th April 2016.

Flood RE is a brand new joint industry/government scheme that will make home insurance far cheaper for homeowners at risk of flood. Here are a few key points:

  • The scheme launched today and HomeProtect are the only insurer who are ready to push the offer through all channels!
  • Homeowners paying high flood premiums or excesses will potentially be able to save hundreds or thousands with HomeProtect.
  • In 97% of cases HomeProtect will be able to give an online quote in minutes (rather than having to phone through for a quote).
  • No need to wait until renewal date. HomeProtect can guide customers through the switchover process so they can start benefitting from more affordable cover.
  • For further information check out HomeProtect's guide here.

This is a very strong offer, and with so many homeowners affected by floods every year, we're confident it will increase traffic and conversion rates which in turn means more commission for you affiliates.

If you would like to do any specific promotions surrounding this offer, please get in touch, we're open to suggestions and will work with you to get the most from this offer.

The Silvertap Account Managers are always on hand to help with any queries that you may have.

Kind Regards

Silvertap Team

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